Chart Corrections



OCEAN CHARTING SERVICES produces “Chartlets” — self-adhesive paper chart corrections tailored to your vessel’s chart inventory. Chartlets are exact scale detailed chart decals, and trimmed and applied directly to the charts. Corrections are prepared using official NOAA electronic chart data.

Simply line up geographic features or Lat/Lon and apply the Chartlet; your chart is now up-to-date. Some charts are altered 300 times a year, and these updates are often voluminous. Making thousands of changes by hand is time consuing, unwieldy, and can result in valuable information obscured by pen marks and erasures. Our customers’ chart inventories range from 3 charts to over 380.

U.S. Coast Guard

Allows the Use of Digital Publications

In 2015 OCS began to provide digital updates to many government publications. Weekly DVDs or USB flash drives may be sent in lieu of the printed updates formatted as replacement pages.