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Ocean Charting Services provides chart and Government Publication corrections via weekly packages containing only those corrections needed.

There is no need to wade through the Notices to Mariners searching for critical update information.

Chart corrections are printed on adhesive backed paper and are affixed to the paper chart, using cartographic features for alignment. Publications, such as Light Lists and Coast Pilots are kept compliant by using 3-ring binders, allowing old pages to be swapped with pages that we update weekly.

Publications may also be maintained with our DVDs/USB Flash Drives that are updated weekly. The DVD/USB Flash Drive contains Light Lists, Coast Pilots, Notices to Mariners, many other required publications such as CFRs, NVICs, NGA Pubs, VTS documents and chart catalogs.

U.S. Coast Guard

Allows the Use of Digital Publications

In 2015 OCS began to provide digital updates to many government publications. Weekly DVDs or USB flash drives may be sent in lieu of the printed updates formatted as replacement pages.